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Welcome to the first official post of Tips and Tricks at the Vet. We at Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Hospital take the care of your pet very seriously, that includes their mental health! Anxiety and stress are such common side effects from a simple visit to the vet. Untreated, each visit gets worse and worse until your pet starts to show visible signs of stress before even entering the building. The goal of these articles is to try and minimize the amount of stress that comes from these visits to encourage a better relationship between you, your pet, and our doctors!

Who am I?

My name is Angel See and I have been with Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Medicine since 2016. Since then, I have earned a Bachelors in Animal Sciences and will soon be attending the College of Veterinary Medicine in Washington State University. I have a passion for animal behavior and training and spend most of my free time training my cat and Australian Shepherd. I believe there are many simple steps that can be taken to reduce stress in your pet, and that it will make yours and your pet's lives far more enjoyable! I take my inspiration from Temple Grandin, Dr. Sophia Yin, the wonderful veterinarians at this clinic, and so many more. I am constantly looking to learn more and am always happy to help wherever I can.

Angel and her Aussie Louie

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